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About Connecticut DJ
How much experience do you have? Our professional hosts have been doing this for years - the "new kid" on the block has been at it for eight!  They've done it all, and seen it all and their "ready-for-anything" experience is added insurance for your wedding reception!

Can I see my DJ performing before I sign any paperwork? In most cases, no.  Our DJs perform at private weddings.  The good news is that we won't invite any guests to your wedding!  We've found that the initial consultation with your DJ is the best way to determine if he or she is the right person for you.     

Do you use contracts? Yes. Contracts spell out clearly what will be provided and what is expected, to avoid any last minute surprises - they are part of being an experienced professional. 

How many events do you perform in one day? We only perform at one event per day.   This insures you get our undivided attention.  This way, it really is YOUR special day, not yours and ten others!

Can Connecticut DJ provide ceremony music for my ceremony? Yes, we play ceremony music very regularly.  Depending on the configuration of your venue, you may need a second sound system, which we can provide for a nominal fee.

What kind of music do you play? Music selection for your big day is normally a combination of efforts between you and your DJ.  Utilize our online music database to create "must play" "play if possible" and "do not play" lists.  You can make as many or as few requests as you are comfortable with.   Connecticut DJ can provide all the music you'll need for your party.  However, you may want to provide your DJ with a CD if you have some very specific song versions you'd like to hear.  A good example of this would be providing music you have rehearsed a dance routine to. Every event is a custom made party.  Your song list might include artists such as Frank Sinatra and Etta James while another bride might like to hear disco and 80s funk.  Sometimes a classical wedding is appropriate, and frequently a contemporary feel is also good.  The music is as individual as the bride and groom.

Does Connecticut DJ allow guests to make music requests? If the bride and groom say it's OK, we accept requests.  It's your day, your musical selections can be anything you'd like them to be. Additionally, ask us about the special "guest request" database we can create for your guests to make those special requests before the party!      

How much time does the DJ need to set up? Connecticut DJ will arrive at least one hour before the doors open.  This allows your DJ time to set up equipment and touch base with the coordinator.  Coordination with the house staff is important to ensure a flawless event.       

What if the sound system breaks? Connecticut DJ comes to your event with a backup sound system, just in case.  We give each system a complete check up regularly to insure complete functionality.  In addition, each DJ is authorized to purchase any equipment that is necessary to keep your event going.   

Do you charge extra for travel and set up? Normally, there is no travel fee.  However, events outside Connecticut may incur a travel charge.  There is never a set up fee, sales tax or a mandatory gratuity.       

Should I tip my DJ? Gratuity for a job well done is always appreciated but is certainly not mandatory.